Aftercare Advice

Now you’ve had your tattoo the aftercare is just as important as getting a good tattoo in the first place.

We recommend aftercare creams such as:


  • Palmers Cocoa Butter

  • Aveeno Cream

  • Sensitive E45 Cream



  1. Take off the cling film and wash over your tattoo with warm water, pat dry with clean dry towel. Do not re-cover your tattoo.

  2. Take a small amount of any of the above recommended creams (subject to preference/allergies) carefully rub the cream into the whole area and let it dry naturally.

  3. Wear loose clothing over/around the tattoo, be careful not to let clothes rub against the area. This is to avoid irritation/bad healing.

  4. Always wash the tattooed area and your hands before moisturising your tattoo, continue to moisturise your tattoo 3-4 times per day for up to 2 weeks until your tattoo is fully healed.


Keep your tattoo clean

Keep your tattoo moisturised

Be careful when sleeping

Wear loose clothing over your tattoo

Let your tattoo air out

Wash your hands before touching your tattoo

Keep your tattoo out of the sun until healed

Shower as normal, patting tattoo dry with clean towel


Let your tattoo get dirty

Let your tattoo scab up

Scratch your tattoo

Pick your tattoo

Re-bandage your tattoo

Wear tight clothing

Let pets lick/touch your tattoo

Go swimming until tattoos fully healed (1-2 weeks)

Don’t bathe until tattoo fully healed

Apply petroleum based products (Vaseline)

Expose tattoo to direct sunlight