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We charge £80 per hour here at The SelfMade Tattoo Company, a minimum charge of £50 and a full day rate of £400 where you get 6 hours for the price of 5.

In most cases, our depository scheme works out at 50% of your overall charge for your sitting; for example an hour long (£80) sitting would require a £40 deposit however an all day sitting (£400) would only require a £100 deposit. As any sessions that cost £200 or more in total only require a £100 deposit.

Our artists are self taught individuals who focus on providing outstanding art. Check out their profiles to find out more.


I have been tattooing professionally since 2014. I have now tattooed a huge variation of tattoo styles, and I am more than happy to take on any tattoo in all styles and sizes.​

Feel free to look at my artwork and follow my social media pages to get some inspiration.

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