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We require a 50% deposit for all bookings, by bank transfer or cash upon coming to the studio. This 50% deposit is completely NON-REFUNDABLE so please be aware of this prior to making your booking we cannot stress this enough however the 50% deposit will come off the total of your tattoo on the day and covers all drawing and designs including adjustments for your booking. We have a strict no under 18s policy; this may mean you’ll need to present valid, in date, photographic identification on the day of your tattoo such as a driving/provisional license or a passport. In addition we highly appreciate you only bringing a maximum of 1 additional person with you for your tattoo.

Information regarding your appointment before you pay your deposit:

When enquiring about a booking, the date we give you isn't confirmed until you have paid your 50% deposit on the date we have agreed on.

We will provisionally book you in for 24 hours from the date that you have agreed to pay your deposit on. This is simply so that your appointment isn't given to somebody else.

We will attempt to make contact with you once over the next 24 hours about your deposit from the day we have agreed on. If we haven't received a response your appointment will be removed from the system, and you will need to discuss rebooking for a different date.

Deposit amount information and policy:

We require a 50% deposit when someone makes a booking. Unless 50% of the total cost would exceed £100, the deposit will just be £100. The deposit is ENTIRELY NON REFUNDABLE, however, it will come off the total of your tattoo on the day, providing you make your appointment.

Deposit policy:

However, if you get in contact with me at the LATEST of 72 hours before your appointment time and date I'll be happy to rearrange your appointment and carry your deposit over providing you can arrange a new booking date with me, regardless of when the new booking date is, BEFORE the date of your original booking.

Important information:

Please be aware that no matter the circumstance, if you do not let us know that you need to rearrange your appointment at least 72 hours before your appointment, your deposit will be lost and a new deposit will be required to create a new booking.

We can only carry over your deposit ONCE per original booking. If you turn up later than 15 minutes than your agreed appointment time and date, we have every right to refuse to tattoo you.

In addition to turning up late, if you’re to turn up to your appointment with myself and we believe you’re under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs, we WILL refuse to tattoo you and you will forfeit your deposit for that tattoo appointment.

To finalise, by transferring the money you agree to the above terms and that under no circumstances can they be changed.

Make sure you give the whole above message a thorough read through please and ask any questions you feel you need to if you are unsure of anything.

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