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Studio Restrictions

Please be fully aware that The SelfMade Tattoo Company has a strict no under 18s policy. If you visit the studio we have the right to ask for your ID, even if you are not planning on having a tattoo. We are then able to ask you to leave if your ID proves you are under the age of 18 or you do not have any form of ID to hand.

When booking your tattoo please take into consideration that we DO NOT allow children/babies in the studio.

To have children around the studio can put our artists off or distract them. Therefore, when choosing a date please make sure you have childcare in place so that we don’t have to turn you away.

Please only bring 1 other person along when you are having your tattoo. Having an entourage while you are getting tattooed will put off the artists, we are not here to play host!

Please note: if you disobey these rules, we have the authority to turn you away, therefore you will lose your 50% deposit.


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